TransportControl: The first manufacturer-independent control system for AGVs

Worldwide unique solution for everything moving in the hall.

The future of internal transport belongs to driverless transport systems (AGVs). Numerous manufacturers now offer such vehicles - but with a single hook: the control system for an AGV fleet must be purchased separately and only works with the vehicles of the respective manufacturer.

This is a problem for large companies that use AGVs from several suppliers and have to work with different, incompatible systems. And for smaller companies the price for the control software is often too high.

That is why Schnellecke Logistics and Götting KG founded GS Fleetcontrol GmbH, which has developed a control system called TransportControl for everything moving in a hall. This makes it possible to control not only AGVs, but also forklifts or stacker cranes - a system that is currently unique worldwide.

Dr. Abaid Goda, Senior Manager IT Schnellecke Logistics

"For TransportControl, the manufacturer of a vehicle does not matter," emphasizes Dr. Abaid Goda, Managing Director of GS Fleetcontrol. "We offer a worldwide unique manufacturer-independent solution."



TransportControl is

  • Compatible: The software runs in a browser interface. Planning, simulation and control are possible within one window. The intuitive operability ensures high acceptance by the user. Since only a web browser is required, the system can be used on almost all end devices and plant-specific user interfaces can be easily implemented.
  • Flexible: TransportControl works with a segment system. The segments define the logical sections of the route. Real-time changes can be made directly by the user at any time and route creation including testing can be implemented quickly.
  • Efficient: TransportControl works with a job system. Jobs include driving jobs and target actions such as loading batteries, lowering forks, coupling trailers, etc. A cost-based algorithm always finds the most efficient transport route; transport costs are calculated from route, time and route conditions. A cost change can be automated simply by script. This enables dynamic rerouting at changed costs, as well as fully automatic vehicle scheduling.


  • Independent: TransportControl is independent of the AGV manufacturer due to its model system. Communication telegrams can be adapted to the vehicle type and a combination of different vehicle types in the same system is possible. A model editor enables a graphical AGV configuration.
  • Scalable: Thanks to its script system, TransportControl can perform extensive system adaptations without downtime. Plant-specific management of the vehicles according to customer requirements is just as possible as complete control of the plant logistics without a higher-level WMS. Because JavaScript is used as the scripting language, it is easy for the user to get started.
  • Dynamic: With its Traffic Control System, TransportControl optimises the AGV. For example, local vehicle sensors cannot see around a curve. TransportControl controls the vehicle distance via route-adapted envelopes. And while conventional control systems operate in "block mode", TransportControl can make maximum use of the line capacity.
  • Networked: With its Universal Interface TransportControl offers an open interface for both internal and external systems. The system has an industry-standard REST API for high-level clients and an extremely slim UDP API for low-level clients.

TransportControl operates with a tiered licensing model, which also makes it possible for smaller companies to acquire a comprehensive control system for their AGVs.

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